Production shots from Artichoke Heart

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been gone from blogging for a while because life has been just that crazy. On Saturday I did some photographs for Artichoke Heart, a play being performed at the 2012 Winnipeg Fringe this year. Here’s the blurb from their Facebook page.


Theatre Outgrabe (the company that brought you “The Gas Heart” in 2009) is back at the Winnipeg Fringe with a brand new play by Jessy Ardern and Gordon Tanner!

Directed by Suzie Martin
Featuring Gwendolyn Collins & Adam Charbonneau
With Music written and performed by Tom Keenan

Peter doesn’t like it when people get too close. Wild parties are not his thing. Letting his guard down is not his thing. Going home with a stranger is definitely not his thing. But Maria picked him out. She took him home. Undressed him piece by piece. Peter has never felt like this before.
But Maria doesn’t like it when people stay too long…

Inspired by Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to the Artichoke.”

What happens the morning after someone eats your heart?

Tickets $9 /$7 for Students & Fringe Performers
**2 for $10 on Opening Night!**

Show Times:
**Wednesday, July 18 @ 10:15pm**
Friday, July 20 @ 3:30pm
Sunday, July 22 @ 7:45pm
Monday, July 23 @ 6:45pm
Wednesday, July 25 @ 1:45pm
Friday, July 27 @ NOON
Saturday, July 28 @ 8:45pm


And now here are the photos.


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