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MUDI 2012


MUDI is an ultimate tournament in Minnesota just west of Minneapolis. This year was the first time I’ve ever traveled outside of Canada to compete in a sporting event. The team I played with is called Rebellion (thank you Louis Riel) and it was the first tournament where we actually …

Minaki is home of some of the best sunsets. This one was taken from a canoe.

Canada Day

One long weekend deserves a post about another. The Canada Day long weekend is always a nice one for me. It’s filled with very fond memories at the lake but also memories of traveling and being in other countries for the birthday of my home. Back in 2008 I was …


Having a camera and friendly demeanor.

I’m a fairly avid reader of Strobist (David Hobby’s lighting blog) and I found this article on the blog a while back (you really should read it). It’s really amazing what having a camera and a friendly disposition can do for us. It gets even better when we can share …

Blue Bathroom 1

Bathrooms and an iPhone

I have a feeling you thought this might be a non-PG post with that title didn’t you? Well sorry to disappoint. I was doing a workshop at the University of Winnipeg last Saturday and when it was time to jump to the lavatory I noticed the paint colors. The U …